Vad är syftet med Node.js module.exports och hur använder du det? Jag kan inte hitta någon information om detta, men det verkar vara en ganska viktig del av 


So, now you know, exports is shortcut for referencing module.exports, if your module is to export an object. It is a pretty much usless object if your module exports any other data type or you have assigned anything to module.exports. References # Node.js - module object; Node.js - module.exports

2013-09-11 This has nothing to do with node. In Javascript, objects are passed by “copy of a reference”. So when the wrapped module is executed, exportsgot a copy of reference of module.exports. So exportscan modify the content of module.exports via the reference it received. 2020-02-24 Full article can be found here: “exports” is just a convenience variable so module authors can write less code Working with its properties is safe and recommended. (eg.: exports.add = function…) Exports is NOT returned by require node module exports vs exports.

Node module.exports vs exports

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localId,s=g[f];null!=s&&(s(p),o=c[e])}var v=r. nodeName?b(exports):"function"==typeof requiredStrings.push({key:e,​component:f,param:g}),"[[_s"+h+"]]"},v.prototype. pixHelper,a),a.js=this. [collapse status="false" title="commentTyping.js"] exports==="object"&&typeof module==="object"){module.exports=b()}else{if(typeof parentNode}v=q.

This has nothing to do with node.

exports vs module.exports in node.js I was confused about how require function works in node.js for a long time. I found when I require a module, sometimes I can get the object I want, but sometimes, I don’t I just got an empty object, which give an imagination that we cannot export the object by assigning it to exports, but it seems somehow we can export a function by assignment.

The following code wouldn’t allow the user to call the function. module.js.

4 dec. 2018 — if(typeof exports === 'object' && typeof module === 'object') function classArray(​node) {. if (node.classList) {. return toArray(node. 128h179.2c12.4 0 22.4-8.6 22.4-19.2v-19.2c0-31.8-30.1-57.6-67.2-57.6-10.8 0-18.7 8-44.8 

Node module.exports vs exports

1 aug. 2019 — NODE_ENV="development"; !(function(e){"use strict";e.__r=l publicModule.​exports:f(t,c)}function c(e){__DEV__&&"string"==typeof k=0;k